7 Tips for Choosing the Right Dance School

Dancing offers an array of benefits for people of all ages. It nurtures the soul, inspires the mind and keeps the body active for long-term health. For children and youth, dance classes are a great way to help make new friends, build life skills and develop the confidence and discipline necessary to succeed in every stage of life. However, choosing the right dance school is crucial to ensure your children benefit from an enriching experience.

Credentials, atmosphere and class offerings are just some of the top things to consider when looking for dance studios in NW Calgary.

  1. Credentials. Does the dance studio promise excellent technical training? Are instructors qualified and eager to share their passion for dance? Keep in mind that different genres of dance (ballet, jazz, hiphop, tap, contemporary, etc.) require different types of instruction. Does the studio employ specialized teachers to guarantee your children get proper training? Remember, not all talented and skilled dancers make the best teachers. Make sure instructors are not only qualified but personable. Are they a good role model for your children?
  2. Class offerings. The world of dance offers endless possibilities! Whether ballet, jazz, modern, tap, hiphop, musical theatre or highland dance, your children will benefit greatly from experiencing a variety of styles and forms of artistic expression. Choose a dance studio in NW Calgary with a large selection of dance classes and let your children discover their style preference for themselves.
  3. Facility. In addition to sound teaching practices, a vibrant, clean and organized studio is a must. Does the school provide an appropriate and safe space to dance? Are materials (ballet barres, mats, props, etc.) in good condition? Is there adequate lighting? Inform yourself about the studio’s choice of flooring. Floating floors, for example, minimize impact to prevent injuries and joint soreness.
  4. Atmosphere. What is the relationship like between instructors, parents and students? Does the studio value inclusiveness, regardless of age, body type and experience level? Are students’ accomplishments celebrated? There are many different types of dance schools, ranging from the formal to the informal. Conservative schools will focus more on discipline, competition and technique whereas recreational schools will prioritize enjoyment, fitness and creativity. The right studio will ultimately depend on your children’s immediate and long-term goals.
  5. Dress code. Does the studio enforce a strict dress code? Instructors need to see body alignment to provide constructive feedback and may sometimes require that students wear a form-fitting leotard or other suitable attire. Consider the costs associated with dancewear when narrowing down your choice of dance schools.
  6. Management. A well-managed school will keep parents in the loop about upcoming events, fees and progress reports. Find out how the studio communicates with its students and their families. A vibrant studio will have a plethora of dance-related news to share, including audition calls and initiatives to get involved with the larger dance community.
  7. Competition. As with many things, competition has pros & cons. Competition does not serve all students and this decision is one that needs to be carefully weighed. Does your child manage pressure well? Can they handle being judged subjectively? Does the school focus on the overall development of the student’s dance training or is winning at competition the most important? Keep in mind that winning at competitions is how many schools grow their student base. A discussion with the school Principal may be helpful.

If you’re looking for a lively dance studio in NW Calgary with a friendly and inclusive atmosphere, a hybrid between competition and recreation, then consider Free House Dance Plus in the quiet residential community of Briar Hill. We offer a wide range of dance classes for youth and adults, whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned pro.

To register, or to receive more information about fees and class offerings, contact us today! We look forward to dancing with you soon.