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Great teachers + great classes + great students = SERIOUS FUN

OUR MISSION: To educate – our focus, our mandate, our passion. To ignite – your passion, your creativity, your inspiration. To create – community, awareness, connection.

OUR VISION: To get everyone on the dance floor.

OUR VALUES: Non-competitive; Excellent, age-appropriate dance education; Inclusive, regardless of age, skill, body type; Environment that is personal, fun, friendly, nurturing; Integrity and high standards in business.

We have been around for many years but one thing remains constant – we are dedicated to bringing the joy of dance to every individual, regardless of age, body type, experience or skill level, and through this make them a little bit happier, and a little bit healthier. Whether it’s dance instruction, fitness or African drumming that you are after, we have something that will help you find your happy place!

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Free House Dance Plus was founded in 1988 by director Kathie Bernard in answer to a need for a quality, non-competitive dance studio with a personalized, inclusive, feel-good environment.

In 1991 serendipity brought the school to its current bright location in the quiet inner-city residential community of Briar Hill. Free House Dance Plus operates in a single use, purpose-built facility with 4 bright classrooms, plentiful amenity space, is adjacent to a family-friendly park and 2 blocks from the Lion’s Park LRT station. The school is the preeminent dance facility in Calgary.

“It’s what I always wanted to do, to show the laughter, the fun, the joy of dance.”