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  • Level 1: Basic introductory level for beginners and anyone with minimal experience in that style.
  • Level 2: Intermediate level for those who have a strong understanding of the basics and terminology.
  • Level 3: Advanced level only for experienced dancers with a strong knowledge base of the technique.
  • Open Level: Mixed level, normally between a level 1 & level 2, but depends on the overall experience of the students in the class.


We offer

Aerial Fusion
A unique way to fly and defy gravity with a blend of yoga, pilates, and dance inspired movements done with aerial silk hammocks. The hammock is used as an apparatus to help support and suspend areas of the body in the air 2 – 4 feet from the ground. This class is designed to develop a balance between breathing, stretching, strengthening, and relaxing, all while exploring playful movements in your body. No experience required!
Please note: Due to the limited number of hammocks per class, Aerial Fusion is not recommended as a drop-in or make-up class. Please call the office for details.
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Ever dream of being a ballerina? Or were you a full-on bunhead? Even if you were a tomboy it’s never too late to develop a little grace and discipline. Ballet is a formal, highly technical form of theatrical dance, typically performed to classical music. Ballet training will give you better posture, placement, strength and flexibility so put on some tights and point those toes. You’ll have buns of steel and an iron will to match. Twinkle toes of the world unite – everyone to the barre!
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Bellyfit® is a fun, fresh combination of moves inspired by Bellydance, African dance and Bollywood plus an intelligent infusion of yoga, pilates and meditation.
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Immerse yourself in the captivating music of West African. Learn the techniques and rhythms that create the heartbeat of a community. Bring your own djembje (drum). Please note: Level 3 is by audition only.
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Combining elements of tai chi, pilates and yoga, GyrokinesisⓇ serves to increase the mobility of your joints, develop core stability and aid digestion. Sounds perfect!
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Hip Hop
Visit the roots of Hip Hop through Lockin’, Poppin’, and the standing elements of Breakin’ known as Top Rock. Explore this groove-based style as you learn basic social dances and choreographic routines to Old and New School Hip Hop music.
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Get ready to do some serious jazz hands! Jazz dance is energetic and fun and explodes with energy, using a variety of music styles ranging from hiphop to show tunes and everything else in between. Jazz dance classes begin with a thorough warmup, stretching and isolation exercises. Jazz movements include a variety of moves, steps, leaps and quick turns. After a century, jazz dance is still providing a fun, foot-shuffling workout across the globe.
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Drama queens! Become inspired as you express the feeling, passion and emotion of the music. Lyrical dance incorporates jazz, ballet and modern dance techniques and is known for its expressiveness and musicality. A solid, ballet-based technique as well as jazz and modern components are essential components of this advanced style of dance.
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SS (Scared Silly)
Don’t be afraid! We’ll hold your hand in this gentle introduction to the world of dance for the adult novice dancer. Two left feet welcome! The class will teach you basic dance technique with a taste of several dance styles thrown in for good measure. It’s OK!
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Triple T
(AKA: Teri’s Tone & Torture) Talented Teri will have you trembling in this delightfully torturous class that will have you laughing and whining all at the same time. Combines strength and flexibility work. Terrible. Dare you to try it.
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An intensely physical dance form rich in rhythm, celebration, and community. Discover the Traditional dances which express the values and culture of West Africa.
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A community focused dance style that celebrates femininity and sensuality. Learn various hip isolation techniques as you explore the ancient cultural dance of the Middle East.
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Body Balance
Dripping with sweat and toned all over – that’s what you want, right? Burn calories and build metabolism-boosting muscles in Sandra’s own perfect mix-up of the latest in fitness trends. Hurts so good!
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Discover the dance of Southern Spain with its passionate rhythms, beautiful body movement and intricate footwork. You will explore Flamenco technique and a variety of dances that express the soul of the genre.
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Got a hankering for a wee bit o’ haggis followed by melt-in-your mouth shortbread? Highland dance may be the thing for you. You’ll be rockin’ the plaid next time you hear the sound of the bagpipes!
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Feel the passion of the Bollywood film industry as you learn energetic movements and choreography influenced by Hip Hop, Jazz and East Indian dance.
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Learn popular partnered danced done in a Club setting such as Two Step, Salsa and Swing. Hit that next formal function with style. Cha Cha, Samba, or Rumba your way around the dance floor with confidence. Basic lead and follow techniques will be taught. Plenty of opportunity for students to be creative.
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Start by throwing away the rule book, get those shoes off and get ready to express yourself! Modern dance emerged in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as a rejection of social strictures and Ballet tradition, performed in theatrical, concert settings. It strives to portray in movements what the music writer expresses in their compositions. Modern dance is more easily defined by what it is not rather than what it is. It utilizes the strong and controlled legwork of ballet, use of torso, floor work and improvisation. Develop creative self expression while exploring concepts of time, space and weight. As modern dance incorporates lots of different moves, it is a great workout and will help improve your posture – no slouching in dance class!
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Tap is an exciting, percussive style of dance using shoes equipped with metal ‘taps’, with a rich history dating back over a century. Tap classes begin with a warmup to stretch the muscles of the legs and feet. Dancers practice a serious of basic tap steps, adding more difficult combinations and speed as they become more proficient. You will create rhythms and sounds, explore syncopation and feel the music through your feet. Tap dance is a vigorous form of dance that builds aerobic fitness and muscle control. “I would imagine that if you could understand Morse code, a tap dancer would drive you crazy.” – Mitch Hedberg
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A mixing of Western and Eastern approaches to conditioning. Strength, flexibility, tone, coordination, and control are improved while releasing stress and tension.
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“There will always be dirty dishes, so let’s dance”